Massive is an independent group of designers founded by architects Anna Zgadzaj and Bartosz Puchalski dealing in the field of architecture, planning, interior design and architecture, industrial design and graphics.

Why Massive? That one word from the English language most accurately reflects our design approach. To us, it defines scale, power of conveyance, expression, while acting in a unified whole with each other and the surrounding.


Design with passion, while adhering to principles. Constantly cooperating with consultants, we have created a team dedicated to delivering a comprehensive design service including design, supervision and administration including permits and approvals.


What we do is well thought through and never accidental. Our goal is to shape form and space in a modern an conscious manner, through applied experience and thorough problem analysis. We take care to respect the context by designing elements that conform to the surrounding.


We take care to handle volume skilfully regardless of scale, and search for solutions by designing for specific people and places. Quality and consistency of our functional and structural solutions, including materials and employed craftsmanship is extremely important to us.

Our particular focus is on projects where we can demonstrate our ambitions, energy, individual approach, pragmatism and skill. Our characteristic is innovation and a distinctive style. We value skill and clean forms of expression – these appeal to us most, and we employ them wherever possible.


We have gained a great deal of experience in the design of buildings of different function and scale. We are the authors and co-authors of many completed designs, ranging from single family residential, through high volume office and residential buildings.

Quality reliability and consistency in project delivery, from early stages to completion is very important to us. This includes analysis, conceptual design, working and executive design. We design with passion, while adhering to highest of principles. Our team works with dedicated specialist consultants, to ensure a comprehensive design and project delivery.



This is the group’s most significant area of activity. This includes residential, public and office building design, reconstructions, urban planning, site planning and individual projects on request.


We offer interior design for private use including houses and apartments, as well as commercial spaces, shops, restaurants, clubbs, hotels, offices, public spaces, furniture and equipment design.


We offer a range of services in graphic design, which include design of logos, corporate identity, BTL promotional material and general graphic design.


We also offer photorealistic 3D visualizations of architectural and interior design, 3D animations, of investments, and 3D printing, complementary to the various project stages, and upon request.