location / Kutno, Poland
design / Anna Zgadzaj
organizer / Kutno City Council
area / 4340 – 5530sqm
year / 2012
stage / competition project

The intention in the design, was the creation of an urban layout, that would constitute a common entity. The opening and integration of the Freedom Plaza (until recently, a parking lot, separated from Królewska Str. and the Market Square) would achieve this goal. Both the Market Square and the Freedom Plaza had untapped potential that had to be taken into consideration when creating a well functioning, attractive and user friendly public space. When creating the concept, the following needs were taken into account: the creation of a space that would allow relaxation, leisure, and a welcoming public space with adjoining greenery. Public spaces in the city center should be designed in such a way, as to satisfy the needs of people of all ages – children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. The project has also taken into account the needs of “the city” – creating an identity of  the center of Kutno as well as organizing all kinds of parties and events.