Living Box, designed for KLER

location / Silesia, Poland
design / Bartosz Puchalski, Małgorzata Kowaluk
organizer / KLER S.A.
area / 9-36sqm
year / 2008
stage / competition project
award / 2nd mention

In / Out Salon – an interior design for a living room within a box living, using furniture designed by KLER. The external structure of the box, can be attached to any building, or be placed anywhere in the world.

The interior of the box is considered as a representative part of the living space inside the box, whose form is a highlight on the face of a building. Both the inner and outer structures create an architectural whole, highlighting the aesthetics of form and function.

The idea was to create an innovative and functional living solution, promoting interior furnishing concept by KLER, becoming a hallmark for the exterior. Another important idea was to use the form – integrated with the building – to connect the living room space with the immediate surroundings.

A box with an internal living room symbolizes a vision for repose, where a high quality, comfortable and friendly space is created for the user. The flexibility in the selection of the building to which the living form is attached, was dictated by functional considerations. In order to expose the idea, a red brick building, characteristic of the Silesian architecture was picked, as it does not disrupt the rhythm of the windows and divisions of the elevation.

The In / Out Salon is a form, which after attaching to a building, can serve as an extension of the existing living space, with free access or an intimate space, an oasis of peace, a separate part of the building.

The box is an 6x6m steel frame construction, made of 160mm „I” beams, with an inner clear height of 2.8m. The construction elements are anchored to the wall of the existing building, attaching the box permanently. Steel lines running to the top corners of the box are an extra structural precaution.