location / Racibórz, Poland
design / Bartosz Puchalski, Małgorzata Kowaluk
client/ private
area / 50sqm
year / 2009
stage / conceptual project

The theme for this design is the interior of a waiting room at a dental clinic in Racibórz. A custom designed logo leads to and beyond the entrance. The yellows along with other monochromatic colors are meant to highlight the modern feel and purity of the interior. Modular mobile pieces of furniture help visitors find a comfortable waiting position. The furniture pieces can be freely joined and arranged, depending on their location. The dynamic color design and contemporary aesthetic of the pieces make for a consistent and modern interior.  A clear visual information system compliments the overall design, allowing for an easy and problem free use of the interior. Materials used in the interior consist of wood, glass, steel, ceramics and HPL boards.