location / Jaworzno, Poland
design / Bartosz Puchalski, Anna Zgadzaj
client/ prywatny
area / 12m2
year / 2016
phase / completed

Sometimes it happens that we get proposals for the implementation of individual interior rooms. If we can prove ourselves and do something cool, we are happy to take up the challenge. This was the case of the Polish Kitchen

Trying to maintain a coherent composition and cover undesirable elements, we decided to combine the table with the rest of the designed furniture, creating the effect of a ribbon unfolding over the entire surface of the kitchen. The passage above the radiator is perforated in order to ensure good air circulation. Using the advantage of a brick wall, we decided to discover and impregnate a natural brick fragment above the working sequence of the worktop. The whole was developed in a sparing white color with red finishing elements. Furniture made of a furniture board with hidden handles, a top made of a matte composite board.