“Planty” site plan

location / Radzionków, Poland
design / Bartosz Puchalski, Małgorzata Kowaluk, Michał Włodarczyk (Euroartis)
client / Miasta Radzionków City Council
area / 92700sqm
year / 2009
stage / conceptual project

The area is located in the southern part of the city. It became a separate, inactive place like the dead cells of a body. The idea is to free up the land in a way that would stimulate changes in the perception of this part of town. The aim of the project is to create a public green belt recreational space, linking the southern part of the city with its very center by means of urban planning. An additional advantage of improving the quality of the designed space is the number of “active” elements of land, divided into eight smaller areas:

1 entrance area – located near the city center. It includes a circular plaza with seating. An ideal place to organize smaller events, reading events and an ice skating rink in winter.

2 investment zone – at this conceptual stage, tennis courts have been proposed. Since the area has all of the services, it may be intended for housing development.

3 seniors zone – this area has the natural character of a park with elements of garden greenery and ornamental shrubs. The composition of greenery surrounds the squares, and is ideal for walks and leisure.

4 central zone / Hyde Park – open space for public events such as concerts and festivals.

5 arts / recreation zone – With children in mind. It contains various playgrounds and sculptures.

6/7 sports zone – it is divided into categories: gymnastics, competitive sports. It also contains bike tracks, a skate park, a climbing wall, mini golf, a gym, equipment rental services and parking.

8 leisure zone – covered with plenty of recreational sites integrated with decorative greenery. There is also another entrance on the north side.