Single-Family House

location / Sosnowiec, Poland
design / Bartosz Puchalski, Anna Zgadzaj, Michał Włodarczyk (Euroartis)
client/ private
area / 220sqm
year / 2015 – 2017
phase / executional project, in progress

The designed object is a modified cubic block, the main goal of which was to maximize the functionality of the space inside and outside the building. In order to meet the development conditions and the given functional program, the starting element of the designed house was a square with a square base of 14.5 x 14.5 m. On its basis, individual internal zones have been arranged and the desired shape of the body has been created. The building itself is aesthetically economical. Its form and division into the facade are a mathematical consequence. A single-family house with a flat roof with a double garage and a terrace above it. On the south side of the building, large glazing has been designed to ensure direct view and access to the garden from the main terrace stretching across the entire width of the facade. It is worth mentioning that there is an existing outbuilding at the back of the plot. It has been linked functionally and aesthetically with the entire study.

Three materials were used on the facades. The ground floor covered with white acrylic plaster gives the impression of a light structure. The main material that gives the right shape and mass are the facade panels on the substructure in graphite color. They are located on the first floor, forming a coherent whole with the ironwork and flashing. Wood is a complementary material and at the same time connecting the first two. It appears on the facade and both terraces. The listed elements differ essentially in colors and material. Put together in appropriate proportions, they flow smoothly and complement each other. Moving on, they penetrate inside the house, mixing with its interior.

The entrance to the property and the entrance to the house are on the eastern side. The building was moved to the northern part of the plot. On the south-west side, there is a recreation and relaxation area.