design / Bartosz Puchalski, Anna Zgadzaj
organizer / Terma Design 2016
year / 2016
stage / projekt konkursowy
award / 1st stage finalist, publication and exhibition at Łódź Design Festival 2016

Art not for art’s sake – a synthesis of function, form and modernity.

The Thermorphic Cube is a freestanding heater project. The heater consists of several elements. A crystal’s morphic structure was the inspiration behind the form of the heater, especially its exterior shape. The thermorphic cube is a pragmatic solution showing the synthesis of form and function in its purest form. It is a multidisciplinary subject complementing the interior-exterior as a piece of furniture, a table, a seat or other decorative element. The concept is an alternative to a standard, wall fixed heater, or heat source. The items can be positioned freely around the interiors, allowing for precise heating of selected zones.

The freestanding elements of the heater can be placed around the interior to heat the area that requires heating the most. The cube’s mobile design allows it to be taken outside, on a terrace or to the garden for example. The heater can consist of one, two or three elements, depending on the interior’s heating requirements. By using thermoactive paint, the heater’s interior can change color from graphite to bright red, depending on how warm the heater is. This way, the user knows the rate of cooling of the heater. The project, of course, gives the customer the possibility of visual personalization of the heater in both the thermoactive layer and the outer layer, through the use of different colors from the RAL palette.

The Thermorphic Cube design is a solution that follows modern technology, innovation, functionality and great design. It offers to change our way of thinking about radiators as single purpose devices that predetermine interior arrangements. It is a well thought through premise that meets the requirements of demanding and forward thinking users .