location / Tatra Mountains, Poland
design / Bartosz Puchalski, Paweł Hordyniak
organizer / Guggenheim Museum
area / 2m2
year / 2009
stage / competition project

The idea behind the Tree Shelter, was to find a design solution for a place of meditation, rest and a safe haven in the Tatra mountains. The beauty of Poland’s highest mountain range, as well as the organizer’s assumptions and guidelines, became the inspiration behind this project. Contact with nature, calm, the possibility of contemplation and isolation from civilization are the main  advantages of a retreat among the trees.

The shelter is situated atop a pole, high among the tree tops. It blends perfectly into the surrounding, while the greenery makes it invisible. It is made of natural materials, and contains within it a sleeping area and a work space. To further optimize the space, all equipment is foldable. Access to the shelter is via a ladder, and a hatch in the floor.