design / Bartosz Puchalski, Anna Zgadzaj
organizer / Tubądzin Design Awards
area / 21sqm
year / 2016
stage / competition project

The Zen bathroom is a project that reaches beyond the standard function of such a place. Our goal was to create a bathroom that may be used in different ways, not only for everyday tasks.

The bathroom is a place of silence, contemplation and relaxation for both the mind and the body, therefore the space was divided into four distinct zones: a wet zone, rest and relaxation zone, a dry zone and an intimate zone. The zones are adjacent to each other, they correspond and complement each other to create a harmonious whole.

The wet area is separated by a glass wall, which includes a shower and freestanding bath tub. The rest and relaxation zone is located directly at the entrance. Here one can relax in different ways, for example read a book, listen to music or spend time actively say, practicing yoga. The dry zone is in close proximity to the relaxation area. It is a wall with an elongated sink and a full height and length mirror. This is where one can arrange hair, make-up or make oneself feel like in a private SPA while applying cosmetics. At the end of the separating wall is the intimate zone, which consists of a toilet and bidet.

Materials such as wood-like tiles from the Royal Palace collection, mirrors and glass were composed to emphasize the modernity and pragmatism of the interior giving it both a natural and warm feel. Design elements in each of the zones have a simple, modern and timeless geometry.

Due to the purity of the design solutions and materials, electrical components have been hidden out of sight – an outlet under the sink (ABB Pure collection), and light switches (from the same collection) behind the mirror panel and outside of the room. A semi-transparent film simulating water vapor has been applied onto the glass and mirror surfaces creating a feeling of privacy, intimacy and of merging zone .

The bathroom is illuminated with streaks of light both during the day and at night. During the day, the lower window area and skylight over the tub very gently illuminate the room. In the evening, lighting hidden in the false ceiling illuminates the walls creating an intimate atmosphere.